Sara Howard, NFA, RN, BSN

Sara Myles Howard graduated from Franklinton High School in 1960, received her Bachelor of Science Degree in Nursing from Northwestern State College in Natchitoches, Louisiana. She became a licensed Nursing Facility Administrator in 2005.

She has been nursing and teaching for over 40 years, but the last 20 years has been dedicated to Long Term Care either as a Director of Nursing or a Corporate Nurse. As a corporate nurse she was responsible for overseeing all of the facilities that her employers owned which covered several states.

Needless to say, she is glad to be home, but especially, to be at Good Samaritan Living Center.

Brandy Bickham
Director of Human Resources 

As Human Resources Supervisor, Brandy manages all personnel and payroll issues.  Brandy began her career at Good Sam as a Certified Nursing Assistant and has also served as a Ward Clerk before being promoted to her current position.  Having maintained her certification as a Nursing Aid, Brandy continues to pitch in whenever she sees a resident in need of assistance.  Her love of people and especially her elders shines through in everything that Brandy does at Good Samaritan.

Dale Brumfield
Social Services Designee

As the Social Services Designee and Admissions Coordinator, Dale Brumfield is a popular person and a good friend of the residents of Good Samaritans.  In her position, Dale assists the residents in getting any and all governmental assistance for which they qualify.  She also sees to it that our residents have sufficient clothing and personal items and that any other social needs are taken care of.  Dale has several years of experience in healthcare and previously served as CNA Supervisor at GSLC. 

A consummate Christian, Dale has earned the respect of her peers, and the love and admiration of her residents.  Dale attended the University of New Orleans and is married to Bro. Earl Brumfield.  They have seven grown children and attend House of Prayer and Life Pentecostal Church where both are involved in the ministry.

Jamie Guidry
Business Office Manager

Managing the Business Office of Good Samaritan is Jamie Guidry.  Jamie brings over 6 years of experience in management and accounting to Good Samaritan.  Among her duties in the Business Office, Jamie manages all of the funds and the cash flow of the facility as well as the personal funds of most of our residents. 

 Jamie holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting from Southeastern Louisiana University.  An avid equestrian, Jamie spends most of her spare time with her two horses.

Griselda Martin
Resident Activity Director 

As Activity Director for Good Samaritan for 17 years, Griselda Martin wears many hats.  She is a department of one so anything that needs doing rests solely on her shoulders including the planning, development, organizing, implementing and directing all the activities of our residents. 

Griselda says of her job “As Activity Director, I am at times a bus driver, a writer, a seamstress, decorator, errand girl and sometimes a tear wiper.  But most of all, I am their biggest cheerleader, encouraging and praising our residents accomplishments, big and small.  And I get tremendous pleasure from that.” 

Griselda’s big smile, cheerful attitude and warm heart all bring tremendous joy to our residents.

Linda Jenkins
Director of Marketing

Serving as Director of Marketing for Good Samaritan is Linda Jenkins.  In her 25 years in healthcare, Linda has made a number of contacts in the medical field.  Her community activities include serving as a Board Member for the Chamber of Commerce, Executive Director of the Washington Parish Medical Society, the Washington Parish Fair Membership Drive and the Magnolia Belles. 

As Marketing Director, Linda serves as a liaison between Good Samaritan and the community – especially the physicians and hospital discharge planners.